Fashionable Outfits For A Concert

Everyone likes to go to a concert from time to time. Whatever the reason is, concerts are so much fun. Whether it’s to see a favorite band or just to hang out with friends and listen to some good music, everyone goes at some point or another. Rock concerts are also great places to see some amazing fashion. Fashion runs free at concerts because there is no real dress code. Depending on what concert a person is going to and what kind of music the artist plays and the venue the concert is at, attire may vary. Here are some ideas as to what kinds of outfits would be appropriate.

Rock Concert Outfits

If you are planning on going to a rock concert, there are tons of outfits that you can wear! Rock concerts are a place where nothing is out of fashion. The first outfit you could wear to a rock concert would include skinny jeans. If you want to, you could get a dark pair of skinny jeans and you could wear them with a flowing top in a coordinating color. Be sure to accessorize! If you want to wear black, you could add some spikey earrings or hoops. If you’re going to a more classy look, pearl jewelry will look great as well.

Country Concert

If you are planning on going to a country concert, you could think about wearing either jeans or jean shorts. You will want to be sure to wear a plaid shirt and you could wear a cami in a matching color. For added style, you could tie the shirt up. Cowboy boots will look great with either jeans or shorts. If you do not want to wear jeans or shorts, a dress with cowboy boots will look great as well!

Outdoor concert

If you are going to an outdoor concert, what you will wear will obviously depend on the weather. If it is hot outside, you will want to wear shorts and a t-shirt. If it’s a night show, you may want to wear jeans. You can wear any kind of jeans that you like. Try wearing something bright and fun. Neon colored skinny jeans with a matching top would look really good. You can easily add a hoodie if it’s cold. You will also see that some girls wear bikini tops with shorts to concerts. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable in.

When you are getting ready for a concert, think about what band you are going to see and what kind of venue the concert is at. You should know that fashion runs free at concerts so no matter what you wear will be okay. Now that you have a few ideas about what people may wear to concerts, you can take them into consideration and jazz them up to make the look your own. See what works for you and go from there! Good luck!

How To Wear Flat Shoes With Style

A quick guide to the most fabulous flat shoe designs for women, proving you do not always need skyscraper heels to make an impact.


These shoes are a bold choice, with a masculine design that give a preppy and styled finish to almost any look. There is an effortlessly chic quality to them, best worn with ankle baring trousers, or as a masculine touch to a feminine dress.


Originally made of animal skin, with a soft sole, these are not particularly sturdy shoes so are best worn on a dry day on soft ground. The look is of a soft suede upper and delicate finishing details such as tassels, beads or coloured stitching. They have a very Native American feel about them, as that is where they originate.


Well made loafers are a smart addition to any look; neutral colours will go with almost any wardrobe piece so they would be worth the investment. They are the same basic shape as moccasins but made of more durable materials, they come with a tassel or metal front detail. Originally called the Bas Weejun, the ‘penny loafer’ got its name in the 1950’s when wearers would insert a penny into the front pocket detail. The ultimate design in this style is the much coveted Gucci loafer.

Boat Shoes (also known as Deck Shoes)

The nautical styling of these shoes means they will look chic every summer. They are smart in appearance and with many designers adopting the colour blocking trend, they can be dressed up or down.


Originally created by Spanish farmers, they were adopted by the Riviera set in 1990’s. As with the boat shoes, the espadrilles’ nautical and relaxed look is embraced every year by designers. They have a canvas upper in a wide range of colours and patterns, while the sole is made of a mixture of rubber and rope. It is the rope design that makes the espadrille so distinctive.

Ballet Pumps

As the name suggest, this design is lightweight, in a range of materials and colours that is very delicate and feminine. While the ballet pump itself, arguably, goes in and out of fashion, the Chanel two tone effect pumps in a wide range of contrasting textures and colours are always coveted. The ballet pump is undoubtedly one of the more popular flat shoes for women today.

Fred Perry Staying True To Tradition

Outlasting Temporary Rivals Since 1920

When you take a look at fashion and go back to the 1920s or earlier there is one name, one trend and one fashion that has outlasted all its rivals and for that you can only admire and take your hat off to the brand that is Fred Perry.

No matter where you look and no matter what your age you will, more than likely, see meet or hear someone talking about fashion and, if you look around, a Fred Perry classic polo shirt will never be to far away.

Ask your dad, ask your Granddad, ask your son, ask your grandson and, in some shape of form they will all have probably heard the name.

Look north to the sights and sounds coming out of Manchester, go south to Brentwood aka the home of “The Only Way Is Essex” and, low and behold, Fred Perry collars, jackets and shoes are out in abundance. And then you can look at the competitors they have seen come and go. Trends stretching through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have all had their time and place flares, Farah trousers, chino’s, dog tooth jackets, desert boots and we haven’t even touched on the brands that have been around in that time, take a bow Fred. There’s perhaps only Barbour you have to contend with now, but I have a feeling you will more than hold your own.

Then we can also look into the world of sport and, not satisfied with cornering the market from a fashion angle, into the world of Tennis attire comes Sir Fred. Now this is a difficult market to get involved with, you have idols and icons but you look at Nike, Reebok and Fila and you have to ask how do you deal with the likes of these global brands being promoted by the likes of Federer and Nadal? Well, up until money and fame got hold of him Andy Murray travelled the world successfully backed by Fred Perry and boy did he proudly talk about the tradition, the brand and the company, quite an amazing achievement if you care to look into it in detail.

Yes brands will come and go and equally fashion trends will come in and go out, however there will always be things you can be certain about in life – and I have a feeling that Fred Perry and their fashion presence may just be one of them.

Face The Future Men Laser Hair Removal Is Here To Stay

If you are preparing to go on a holiday to ease the winter blues, or simply want to be ready in advance for summer 2013, then treating yourself to a bit of a makeover often gets you in the holiday mood. Nowadays, treatments of salon quality are available to use in your own home.

Turn Technology to Your Advantage

If you wish to undertake a hair removal procedure, then try looking into the laser treatments currently available. Hair removal lasers provide a superior service to the typically chosen methods of waxing or shaving. This is partly due to the specific nature that is inherent to a laser treatment. The technique is extremely precise, with diode laser technology targeting and disabling the hair follicle in question. The laser does this through emitting light, which is then absorbed by the melonin in the hair. The hair is heated up, with this heat being transferred to the follicle and inhibiting hair re-growth in the near future. Whilst hairy backs and chests cannot be instantly eradicated forever, utilising laser hair removal techniques can reduce the rate at which the hair will grow back. The hair follicles that have undergone treatment are disabled, meaning that they are unable to grow a fresh hair. So if you are looking for a solution to rapid hair growth, then this could be the way to go.

Take the Time to Invest

This treatment may be revolutionary but it is set to become a tradition in your home beauty regime. Rather than simply being a passing fad, it is here to stay. Investing in laser hair removal treatments to use at home has the potential to not only save you a lot of money but a lot of time. You will not have to journey back and forth to the clinic, instead achieving the same excellent results from the comfort of your own home.

The treatment can be tweaked to fit in with what you want. For example, treatments that take between five and ten minutes include hands, feet, shoulders and underarms. Treatments taking between twenty and thirty minutes are the chest, legs and back. Investing in a laser hair removal device from Tria will provide you with these treatments and the subsequent results, as the laser is of salon quality. The laser automatically tests your skin tone, emitting beeps if it is suitable for your skin. Eight out of ten professionals chose lasers as the technology of choice for permanent reduction of hair re-growth and it is now possible to have such an exceptional standard of technology in your own home. Tria have conducted several studies to measure the success of the model, with findings showing that up to 70% less hair grew back after just two treatments. With this level of success, it looks set to be the hassle free way to stunt hair growth.

Home Comforts of a Professional Standard

It is these benefits that are helping push laser hair removal into a permanent position within the health and beauty sector. Purchasing a device to use at home means that there will no longer be the last minute hassle before you go away; you will always be summer ready. Not only will this mean that your skin looks brilliant and is free of any lumps and bumps, but you can flash the flesh on the beach with pride. Smooth skin will become a mainstay in your life. Furthermore, the laser hair removal device is cordless, adding an edge of practicality to the treatment. The devices have been clinically proven as safe by dermatologists, meaning that they combine professionalism and comfort; a tried and tested solution to be sought whilst at home.

Five Ways To Look The Part For Your Wedding

Weddings are a celebration of love and beauty. It is therefore incumbent that the bride and groom’s looks are peaking and fashion, on point. There are many techniques that can be used to help do the trick and here are a few tips.

The Power of a Veil

When it comes to putting your wedding outfit together, veils can work a wonder! Whether your look is traditional, vintage, country or even gothic, wearing a veil could perfect it.

Maternity Dresses

It’s not uncommon for a woman to be pregnant on her wedding day. There are a range of delightful maternity wedding gowns that are tailor made to fit all types of pregnant women. Ranging from both ends of the price scale, maternity dresses can be highly expensive or fantastically cheap.

Colours and Style Should Match Environment

The colours of your wedding outfit should be in correlation to the wedding venue. The colour of your dress then should not clash with the tablecloths for example, or the even the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. A bright wedding outfit wouldn’t go with bridesmaids wearing white for example.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding you might also want to ensure that your outfit matches the colour of the particular season. A dreary autumn’s day might go better with shades of gold, brown and green, than with white.

Your wedding outfit should also match your venue in regards to its particular style. For example a classic, traditional look would best fit a wedding done at a castle.

If You’re Wearing Your Hair Up

If you’re going to be wearing your hair up, wash your hair no sooner or later than the day before. You want it looking fresh; however, washing it on the day will make its strands difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, accessories such as bobby pins slip through a bridal hairstyle that’s been lathered too much, so be sure not to do that.

Prepare Well the Day Before

It’s important to ensure you prepare your body and skin well for your wedding day prior to the big occasion. Eat healthier foods at least a week running up to the day and do plenty of exercise beforehand to make sure you’re looking fit and healthy.

You also ought to wear a facemask the night before. Take one teaspoon of raw oatmeal, another of honey and add it into a mix. This will do wonders for your skin and kill bacteria.

Celebs Change Clothes For Oscars After Party Celebrations

After running the gauntlet of the red carpet, enduring a lengthy ceremony and cringing through a string of Seth MacFarlane “jokes”, all in the name of that coveted little gold statue, Hollywood’s elite breathed a collective sigh of relief as they left the Academy Awards to let their hair down at the Oscars after-party of their choice. Some headed to Elton John’s star-studded AIDS Foundation party, while others graced the Governor’s Ball or the Vanity Fair celebration. Of course, most celebrities wouldn’t dream of going from the Oscars to the after party without a change of clothing – the post-Awards celebrations give them a chance to be more daring, more casual or simply to show off another enviable outfit from their designer wardrobes. Let’s take a look at three of the evening’s best-dressed ladies.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Silver Linings Playbook star will undoubtedly look back on her debut Oscars ceremony ensemble with mixed feelings in the years to come – the gorgeous Dior dress made her look like a fairytale princess, but the voluminous skirt caused her to take a dramatic tumble on her way up the stairs to collect her Best Actress Oscar. There was indeed a silver lining for Jennifer at the Vanity Fair after party however – the 22-yeqar-old starlet switched to a simple yet sophisticated metallic Calvin Klein dress. She sparkled in this streamlined floor-length number as she posed for photographers with her treasured Oscars statuette.

Anne Hathaway

Sources say the Best Supporting Actress winner was planning to wear a red Valentino number to the ceremony, but apparently changed her mind at the last minute when it was rumoured that Le Mis co-star Amanda Seyfried would be wearing a similar gown. Hathaway opted instead for a classic and simple floor-length Prada number in baby pink, which she accessorised with jewellery from Tiffany & Co. For the after party, the actress chose a custom-made Yves Saint Laurent dress in grey, accentuated with a glittering gold halter neck (which incidentally, perfectly matched her newly awarded Oscar statuette).

Jessica Chastain

The Zero Dark Thirty actress may not have taken home the Oscar she was hoping for, but she was definitely a winner in the style stakes. Jessica Chastain paid tribute to the glamour of “Old Hollywood” in a sequined gown by Armani Prive, in a tone somewhere between nude and golden, which perfectly complimented her red hair and fair complexion. Jessica decided to stick with this excellent fashion choice as she attended the Governor’s Ball, but this wasn’t her only Oscars outfit – she was snapped the night before at the Chanel pre-party, wearing a cream-coloured Chanel dress with plunging neckline.

Now that the Oscars after parties are over and the red carpet has been rolled up for another year, we might have to content ourselves with pics of stars in tracksuit pants and baseball caps as they unwind after a busy awards season!

Budget Accessories For Moms

Mom style is usually defined as a pair of sweats, a ratty looking sweatshirt, and a beat-up pair of sneakers. However, nowadays many moms are defying that stereotype and managing to look chic while still chasing around their kids at the park. They do this by wearing great accessories that can make any outfit look extra special even if it’s the same jeans and cotton top that they wear every other day.

But what if you are a mom on a budget? It’s hard to look trendy and in style with the perfect accessories when you don’t have a lot of money to spend each season. However, by picking accessories that make the biggest impact you can still feel stylish without breaking the bank. If you’re a mom on a budget below are a few budget accessory ideas from mother’s jewelry to a new lipstick color that will get you started in revamping and updating your most basic outfits.

If you are a mom on a budget, consider coupons to help keep your accessory collection up, while saving money.

Mother’s Jewelry

This budget jewelry trend brings together two of the things that moms love most: their kids and a bit of bling. Mother’s jewelry focuses on simple shapes, brightly colored birthstones, and engravings of little one’s names to make a statement that goes beyond fashion. For instance, many mothers wear a simple mother’s necklace with children’s names stamped on a circle pendant with their everyday outfits. It’s a sweet trend that won’t make a mom look ridiculous unlike tight leather leggings which should only be worn by sixteen-year-olds and fashion models with no hips.

Printed Scarf

Have you ever put on jeans and a t-shirt and felt boring? The best way to cure that feeling is by adding a printed scarf to your outfit. Scarves are the perfect accessory whether it’s the dead of winter or a hot summer day. If it’s winter try and wear a heavier knitted scarf. In the summer wear a light cotton scarf in fresh and bright colors. Although there are many solid colored scarves available printed scarves work best to bring an element of interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Pretty Headband

Headbands aren’t just for teenagers and babies. The trick to wearing a headband as a mom is to pick one that is sleek and colorful; leave the bows and flowers to the younger crowd. A pretty headband is a way to accessorize your outfit and keep your hair out of your face without resorting to the ubiquitous pony tail holder or butterfly clip. Headbands can keep your hair looking polished without seeming like you’re trying too hard.

Cute Clutch

Of course, most moms have to lug around giant bags all day to be able to carry all of their possessions plus their kid’s things too. However, a cute clutch is the perfect organization device to keep your cash, keys, and lipstick from being buried at the bottom of your bag. When you need to run into the store to pick up a quick snack for the kids you can grab your clutch and leave the giant hobo bag in the car. Nowadays, clutches are extremely trendy and they can be found in many styles from minimal black leather to funky urban stripes. Choose your favorite style and carry it with you always.

New Lipstick

Most moms forget, but lipstick is the ultimate accessory. Whether you prefer a nude pink or a fire engine red, lipstick can make you look polished, awake, and pulled together faster than any button up shirt can. If you haven’t worn lipstick in a while try visiting the makeup counter and asking a makeup artist to choose a color for you. The makeup artist might surprise you with a shade you wouldn’t normally wear but go for it. Remember that makeup artists are professionals and if you really don’t like it you can always wipe it off.

A Guide To Great Wetsuits For Men

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in a number of ‘iron man’ type events that are being held on a local and national level. This is reflected by a greater number of men competing in each of these events. Although events such as triathlons can be undertaken by professionals, a lot of amateurs are now getting involved too as the training is a great way to get fit whilst the event itself can prove self-aspiring. In this guide we take a look at the types of wetsuits for men offered online – whether for a special event or for a water sport hobby such as surfing or diving.

Why Wear a Wetsuit

Before looking at the different types of wetsuit available to buy online, we need to determine why men wear wetsuits in the first place. The main reason is that a wetsuit helps to prevent heat loss whilst in the water, offering your body protection from the cold and hypothermia.

A wetsuit can also help to streamline the body to make it cut through the water better for swimming. Wetsuits are also worn for modesty and convenience as they offer all over body protection. Finally a wetsuit can offer the body limited protection against bites and stings in the water as well as from chemicals and pollution.

The Importance of Fit

Due to how wetsuits are designed to work, fit is a very important factor. Wetsuits typically work the opposite way to a dry suit and trap a small amount of water next to the skin which acts as an insulator. For this process to work effectively, the wetsuit needs to be tight enough to trap the right amount of water without affecting your performance. A wetsuit which is too tight will not trap water well and may restrict your movement in the water, making swimming and other activities difficult. A loose fitting wetsuit might create too much drag and actually have a negative impact on your movement through the water.

Different Types of Wetsuit

There are three main types of wetsuit which are ideal for water based events as activities such as swimming, surfing and diving. The first is the full body wetsuit. This typically comes as one garment which has long sleeves and long legs to offer full body protection. Some full body wetsuits come with integrated hoods and shoes too although typically these accessories are available to buy separately.

The second type of wetsuit is the three-quarter suit. This type of suit offers the torsi full protection but has three-quarter length sleeves and legs, making it ideal for slightly warmer temperatures. The third type of wetsuit is the shortie which is only used in very warm waters. A shortie has short-style legs and short arms yet still covers the entire torso.

As well as one-piece wetsuits, it is also possible to buy wetsuits in two pieces which can include separate trousers, usually with a vest style top section attached, and a separate jacket.


There are a number of wetsuit manufacturers (such as Speedo Swimwear) out there who offer both performance and style when it comes to wetsuits, enabling you to find the perfect wetsuit for your needs.

How To Care For And Style Your Feather Hair Extension

Feather hair extensions are a great way to add a splash of colour to your hair without the damage of having to bleach it. There are a number of different styles and colours available and they are a simple way of making any style way more interesting. Like standard hair extensions, the feather variety come in various forms, some are temporary whilst others are more permanent.

In order to keep your feather extensions looking good for as long as possible it is important to look after them. They should always be handled carefully and if you expose them to water or get them tangled you will shorten their life considerably.

How to wash your feather extension

If your extensions are bonded with your hair then you will need to wash them when they begin to look dirty or oily. The feathers are like skin and require a certain amount of moisture to remain healthy looking. Avoid harsh shampoos as they will try out your feathers and shorten their life span. Instead, you should use a gentle shampoo and follow up with plenty of conditioner. The conditioner will replace the natural moisture to the feather ensuring a sleek and smooth look.

How to handle and style your feather extension

Always handle with care. By being too rough you will end up with a frizzy extension that won’t last long. When washing the extension you should run your hands down the feather – never ever scrub them!

If your extension is a temporary clip on then you should remove them and lay them flat on a towel to dry. If they are bonded to your hair then gently dry them on a downward direction. Most permanent extensions can be styled, flat ironed and dried but be aware that excessive styling can cause permanent damage or worst case breakage. If your extension is made of real feather you can still curl them as you would your own hair. Carefully wrap it around the curling iron and style as you would your own hair – be careful not to leave it on the iron for too long or you will damage the extension.

How to Store your extensions

If your extensions are of the clip in variety you should store them safely when not wearing them. Never place them in a drawer or make up bag. The ideal way to store them is to clip them somewhere safe where they can hang and not be damaged.

Choosing What To Wear For Your Wedding For All Parties

When it comes to outfits for weddings the immediate thought goes straight to the bride and the wedding dress. The groom and bridal party’s outfits are just as important and everything should blend seamlessly together. With this in mind how do you go about choosing outfits to suit everyone that all tie in together.

The Bride

The brides outfit does tend to come before the groom. Try to discus colours and styles before choosing the dress and try to come to an agreement. Typically bridal dresses are white so sometimes there is little to match to the groom and bridal party. Consider small details and try to tie them in. For example will the groom and bridesmaids be wearing silk in anyway, consider incorporating this into the wedding dress. Think about the colours that the bridesmaids will be wearing, is there a small detail that can be done in the same colour on the brides dress? Detail is key and just small touches will pull the whole thing together.

Consider style too, if the bridesmaids are wearing unique, unusual dresses don’t go for a traditional wedding dress, choose something a little quirky and in a similar style to the bridesmaids. Think of dresses in terms of eras, every style fits in somewhere, try and choose dresses from the same periods.


Many of us think there is little choice when it comes to choosing the grooms wedding outfit, assuming it’s ‘a suit…or a suit!’ There any many details to consider when it comes to the grooms wedding outfit, such as cut, colour and detail. Similarly to the bride and bridesmaids, for the suit try and choose a style from the same era as the dresses. Choosing something unusual when everyone else has gone for traditional will look outlandish and will stand out like a sore thumb. Tie colours in with your button hole flower and your pocket handkerchief.


Bridesmaid’s dresses can often be the most difficult outfit to get right. You need to find a dress that suits more than one person, that everyone is comfortable in and that ties in with the brides dress and the groom’s suit. In many cases bridesmaids may be of all ages, so dresses that are appropriate for adult bridesmaids may not work for children. If you cannot have the same dress for everyone choose dresses in the same colours and fabrics but of different cuts. Try to keep the dresses as similar as possible, or make sure the linking factor between them stands out.