A Guide To Great Wetsuits For Men

A Guide To Great Wetsuits For Men

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in a number of ‘iron man’ type events that are being held on a local and national level. This is reflected by a greater number of men competing in each of these events. Although events such as triathlons can be undertaken by professionals, a lot of amateurs are now getting involved too as the training is a great way to get fit whilst the event itself can prove self-aspiring. In this guide we take a look at the types of wetsuits for men offered online – whether for a special event or for a water sport hobby such as surfing or diving.

Why Wear a Wetsuit

Before looking at the different types of wetsuit available to buy online, we need to determine why men wear wetsuits in the first place. The main reason is that a wetsuit helps to prevent heat loss whilst in the water, offering your body protection from the cold and hypothermia.

A wetsuit can also help to streamline the body to make it cut through the water better for swimming. Wetsuits are also worn for modesty and convenience as they offer all over body protection. Finally a wetsuit can offer the body limited protection against bites and stings in the water as well as from chemicals and pollution.

The Importance of Fit

Due to how wetsuits are designed to work, fit is a very important factor. Wetsuits typically work the opposite way to a dry suit and trap a small amount of water next to the skin which acts as an insulator. For this process to work effectively, the wetsuit needs to be tight enough to trap the right amount of water without affecting your performance. A wetsuit which is too tight will not trap water well and may restrict your movement in the water, making swimming and other activities difficult. A loose fitting wetsuit might create too much drag and actually have a negative impact on your movement through the water.

Different Types of Wetsuit

There are three main types of wetsuit which are ideal for water based events as activities such as swimming, surfing and diving. The first is the full body wetsuit. This typically comes as one garment which has long sleeves and long legs to offer full body protection. Some full body wetsuits come with integrated hoods and shoes too although typically these accessories are available to buy separately.

The second type of wetsuit is the three-quarter suit. This type of suit offers the torsi full protection but has three-quarter length sleeves and legs, making it ideal for slightly warmer temperatures. The third type of wetsuit is the shortie which is only used in very warm waters. A shortie has short-style legs and short arms yet still covers the entire torso.

As well as one-piece wetsuits, it is also possible to buy wetsuits in two pieces which can include separate trousers, usually with a vest style top section attached, and a separate jacket.


There are a number of wetsuit manufacturers (such as Speedo Swimwear) out there who offer both performance and style when it comes to wetsuits, enabling you to find the perfect wetsuit for your needs.