A Sure-Fire Guide to an Enjoyable First Date With Someone You Met Online

A Sure-Fire Guide to an Enjoyable First Date With Someone You Met Online

When you meet someone online, the first date can be daunting. Where do you go? What should you wear? How much should you talk about yourself? https://elistcrawler.com is here to help guide you through your first date with someone met online. Here are our top tips for making sure it’s enjoyable and successful: 

Plan ahead 

The success of any first date starts with planning ahead. One of the great things about meeting someone online is that you already know some basic information about them from their profile or messages before the date – use this to your advantage! Think carefully about where would be the best place to meet for the first time; somewhere quiet and relaxed enough for conversation, but not too intimate to make either of you feel uncomfortable. Choose a time and place that works best for both of you, plan how long it will take if necessary and make sure you arrive on time – nothing gives a bad impression like being late! 

Do your research 

If you hit it off on the first message, great – but if not, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Take the time before your date to do some research on topics they’re interested in or places they’ve been recently, maybe even look at their social media profiles to get more insight into them as a person – just don’t spend too much time doing this so it doesn’t become all-consuming! Doing some background work will give you plenty of potential topics to break the ice during conversations, and will also show them that you have taken the time and effort to get to know them better before you meet. 

Be yourself 

No one wants to feel like they are at a job interview when they are trying to get to know someone new, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself by pretending or exaggerating who you are to impress them. Be honest with yourself and each other, ask questions that lead to deeper understanding rather than superficial answers, and above all, be authentic in who you are as this will create genuine chemistry between two people far more easily than anything else. Chances are that if there was something special between you when you communicated before you met, it will only be enhanced by spending real time together.  

Dress appropriately 

Clothes can say a lot about us as individuals, so wearing something that reflects who we really are can go a long way to boosting confidence on those often nerve-wracking first dates. However, don’t overthink which outfit looks best – generally speaking, it’s more important to look your best than to worry about whether your clothes match – and no one has ever felt super confident squeezing into an uncomfortable outfit! Remember, too, that comfort trumps fashion; being comfortable in what we wear allows us to be authentic without the added worry of buttons popping or seams splitting halfway through dinner! 

Set boundaries early 

First dates naturally come with expectations, so setting boundaries at the outset can help avoid any awkwardness about expectations later on, such as physical contact or talking about personal matters (especially important for anyone looking for friends rather than a romantic partner). This could mean chatting beforehand via text/phone, or even doing something casual like going out for drinks instead of dinner, depending on individual preferences – whatever it takes, just make sure these expectations are known up front so that everyone knows exactly what kind of relationship is being pursued from day one (and crucially, both parties agree!).  

Keep it interesting and engaging 

Conversations can often dry up quickly if boring topics are discussed – especially as nerves can play an additional role when communicating with someone new, especially after meeting online. Try to include ‘icebreaker’ style questions in case the conversation slows down, such as “What did you do today?” or “Have you seen any good films lately?”. This type of approach keeps the conversation flowing, but also gives you a chance to delve deeper into personalities without seeming overly intrusive, as everyone loves to talk about themselves anyway!  

End the date on a positive note  

At some point towards the end of your first date, it’s time to say goodbye… try not to come on too strong at this stage, but conversely don’t be afraid to express interest in seeing each other again soon – after all, it’s always nice to leave things on a positive note, regardless of the outcome in the days/weeks ahead. No one likes to feel uncomfortable, uncertain about future plans, especially after the energy invested in getting ready, building excitement, leading up to the actual event itself, so take the opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere, leave the stage, everything else comes after. That way both sides leave happy and satisfied with the experience!   

Bottom line 

As long as a few guidelines are followed, chances are high that anyone’s very first date with someone they met online will turn into a highly successful, enjoyable experience. Being honest authentic self combined with taking necessary steps research preparation goes a long way helping ensure smooth sailing throughout the process. Finally, above all else, remember to enjoy the process and make the most of it! Good luck https://elistcrawler.com!