Acai Bowls With Tattooed Chef 

Acai Bowls With Tattooed Chef 

Tattooed Chef’s Acai Bowl comes in a six-pack for $11.59 at Costco. There are acai bowls available in the frozen food department of Costco, among Kirkland Signature Chocolate Ice Cream, My Mochi Frozen Yogurt, and Boba Bam Insta-Packs, among other dessert items.

In addition to the granola and coconut toppings, each Acai Bowl weighs 6.25 ounces. Besides being vegan and organic, the Tattooed Chef Acai Bowls at Costco are also devoid of gluten and other harmful ingredients. Read more about costco-acai-bowl down below.

Who is the Tattooed Chef?

Tattooed Chef is a plant-based cuisine enterprise that is situated in California. Several vegan plant products have been featured in Costco’s vegan section.

They want to deliver you food that tastes wonderful and makes you happy. Organic and natural plant components are the focus of the recipes.

Whenever feasible, they raise their food. They use plants they’ve grown themselves to manufacture their plant-based cuisine.

What is the Acai berry all about?

It is a palm tree that bears acai berry fruits, a kind of palm tree. Acai berries have both in the same way that many other fruits and vegetables have antioxidants and fiber.

Acai berries are often referred to as a “superfood” since they assist with various ailments, including arthritis, weight reduction, cholesterol, and erectile dysfunction.

Acai berries are safe to consume and will give you at least some antioxidants, even though these claims have not been scientifically proved.


Costco’s Acai Bowls: How Much Do They Cost?

Tattooed Chef Acai Bowls usually are $11.59 at Costco, but you can get them on sale for $7.99. These savings of $3.60, or 31% off the regular price.

Costco vs. the Rest of the Market

To make an accurate comparison, I’ll need to utilize the per-ounce pricing of $0.31 at regular retail and $0.21 at bargain prices.

For $10.99, Sam’s Club offers a four-pack of Tattooed Chef Acai Bowls in 8-ounce containers. The cost is $2.75 per bowl or $0.34 per ounce. Costco’s retail pricing is only a little bit more, but the Acai bowl discount price at Costco is approximately 50 percent higher.

As a nice side note, Target also offers an 8oz Tattooed Chef Acai Bowl for $4.99. Per ounce, Target charges $0.62. Costco’s retail pricing for Acai bowls is twice and almost treble Costco’s promotional price. What nonsense!

Acai Bowls at Costco – Are They Good?

There isn’t much to say about the acai puree. The acai taste is there, but it won’t blow your mind. The fruit, on the other hand, exceeded my expectations. Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas all claim to be organic.

Bananas are indicated on the ingredient list, but I didn’t see any, taste any, or notice anybody in the bowls I’ve eaten. The puree must be added to this.


I’m not a fan of Tattooed Chef’s Acai Bowls from Costco, but I’m not a fan either. Even though they are considered “junior” Acai Bowls due to the lack of some essential toppings, these bowls are 15% less expensive than similar store-bought options.