Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects Dangers

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects Dangers

Is Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment dangers or safe?

What is the side effects of Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin hair treatment is safe and this procedure is suitable to any type of hair if you are aware of the following problem.

1. Is brazilian keratin hair treatment contain formaldehyde which will cause cancer?

Yes, formaldehyde will cause cancer. Please choose the keratin hair treatment without formaldehyde to avoid the risk of getting cancer. Now, there are some formaldehyde free keratin hair treatment available in the market.

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2. After the brazilian keratin treatment, do I need to wait for 3-4 days before I can wash my hair?

It is very hot and humid in my country, and I definitely have the problem to wait for few days before I can wash my hair. Please get the brazilian keratin treatment which allow you to wash your hair immediately.

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3. I don’t get silky and smooth result as promise by the brazilian keratin treatment, why?

There are so many flat iron in the market, what type of flat iron I should use for my brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment? Please choose the flat iron with ceramic or titanium plated and temperature of 450C. It is very important to use the flat iron with temperature of 450C, so that the keratin will be sealed in your hair. With the ceramic or titanium plated flat iron, it will locks the moisture into your hair together with the keratin.

Professional Quality Flat Iron for Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment works the best on normal & healthy hair. Try to treat your hair with conditioner or mask few days before you apply the treatment. A good condition of your hair will give you the best result out from the treatment. If you have colored or blonde hair, please choose those treatment suitable for colored or blonde hair.

4. I want to give my hair volume look after I straightening my hair.

To avoid your hair too straight which give a very funny look, you can make some adjustment while you apply the keratin treatment on your hair. After you apply the keratin treatment on your hair, try to start flattening your hair half or one inch from your hair roof onwards instead of very close to hair roof.

5. My hair become curly less than3 months after the keratin hair straightening treatment

You might not aware that you must use the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after the treatment. The normal shampoo which contain sodium chloride will strip the keratin of your hair, so your treatment won’t last as long as promised. Please also remember that the salt water and swimming pool chloride water will also shorten the life of your straight hair.

Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

After explaining all the dangers & side effects of brazilian keratin treatment, do you have confidence with this treatment now? If you choose the recommended good quality products, you will be staying away from the dangers & side effects.