Choosing What To Wear For Your Wedding For All Parties

Choosing What To Wear For Your Wedding For All Parties

When it comes to outfits for weddings the immediate thought goes straight to the bride and the wedding dress. The groom and bridal party’s outfits are just as important and everything should blend seamlessly together. With this in mind how do you go about choosing outfits to suit everyone that all tie in together.

The Bride

The brides outfit does tend to come before the groom. Try to discus colours and styles before choosing the dress and try to come to an agreement. Typically bridal dresses are white so sometimes there is little to match to the groom and bridal party. Consider small details and try to tie them in. For example will the groom and bridesmaids be wearing silk in anyway, consider incorporating this into the wedding dress. Think about the colours that the bridesmaids will be wearing, is there a small detail that can be done in the same colour on the brides dress? Detail is key and just small touches will pull the whole thing together.

Consider style too, if the bridesmaids are wearing unique, unusual dresses don’t go for a traditional wedding dress, choose something a little quirky and in a similar style to the bridesmaids. Think of dresses in terms of eras, every style fits in somewhere, try and choose dresses from the same periods.


Many of us think there is little choice when it comes to choosing the grooms wedding outfit, assuming it’s ‘a suit…or a suit!’ There any many details to consider when it comes to the grooms wedding outfit, such as cut, colour and detail. Similarly to the bride and bridesmaids, for the suit try and choose a style from the same era as the dresses. Choosing something unusual when everyone else has gone for traditional will look outlandish and will stand out like a sore thumb. Tie colours in with your button hole flower and your pocket handkerchief.


Bridesmaid’s dresses can often be the most difficult outfit to get right. You need to find a dress that suits more than one person, that everyone is comfortable in and that ties in with the brides dress and the groom’s suit. In many cases bridesmaids may be of all ages, so dresses that are appropriate for adult bridesmaids may not work for children. If you cannot have the same dress for everyone choose dresses in the same colours and fabrics but of different cuts. Try to keep the dresses as similar as possible, or make sure the linking factor between them stands out.