Everything To Know About Words With Friends

Everything To Know About Words With Friends

The popular mobile app, Words With Friends online, has been downloaded over 100 million times by people all around the globe. The game offers a great twist on traditional word games and is easy to learn.

Here’s what you need to know about this fun and addictive game.

Who should play Words With Friends?

This is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys word games as well as those who are looking for something different than scrabble or crossword puzzles. It’s also ideal for kids ages 8-12.

The game is designed to be addicting but not frustrating so beginners can have fun without getting frustrated very quickly. If you enjoy playing board games then you will love this one too.

How does Words With Friends work?

Players take turns typing out their chosen word in an effort to get rid of all other players’ letters first. Each player gets three chances to guess before they lose that turn. You need to choose from the four letter options available to you each time you choose to make your move.

The game uses a grid format where each square represents a letter. Letters are arranged vertically and horizontally. The top row consists of the most common letters, while the bottom row contains the least frequent ones. The left side of the grid contains vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and the right side contains consonants (B, C, D, F, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W).

When you begin the game, you are given a randomly chosen number between 1 and 15. This number represents how many spaces there are between you and the person sitting across from you. When you start the game, everyone plays against you. As soon as someone wins, they go back to zero. The winner receives two points and the loser loses one point.

Each player must use their own letters to fill up the grid. Once you make your move, the next player has three chances to guess which letter is yours. If they miss, they lose the turn and must wait until the end of the round to try again. If they guess correctly, they win the turn and continue to play.

Word suggestions are shown above each space in the grid, giving you an idea of what letter might fit best to complete the word you just typed. You may also see blank squares on either side of your word. These represent letters that you could have used to complete your word, but you didn’t.

You can only use letters on the grid if they aren’t already occupied by another player. In addition, you can’t use any of the letters on the same line or column as another player. For example, if someone else has A in the top row, you can’t use an A anywhere else on the board.

Strategy Tips for Word Games

Before you attempt to win the game, consider these strategies:

  • Start with a vowel if possible. They usually offer fewer choices and are easier to complete.
  • Avoid starting your word with a consonant. Since you’ll be able to use consonants later on, you won’t be able to finish with them either.
  • Don’t pick last words as your first choice. Your opponent will probably think your word starts with an “o” and therefore they’ll have more difficult to guess.
  • If you don’t understand a word suggestion, choose a random letter instead. That way, you may still get lucky and guess correctly.
  • Make sure you read the entire grid. Some players have a tendency to skip over letters when they feel like they’re done with the game.
  • Always check the grid after making your move. Sometimes, there’s a letter that has been overlooked and you can improve your score by using it.

Tips for Winning Words With Friends

There are some ways to increase your chances of winning.

  • Play longer. By playing longer, you give yourself more opportunities to make good choices and you’ll be less likely to make mistakes.
  • Choose words that contain vowels. You have more options to choose from, but you can still win even if you make a mistake because you have more chances to correct the error.
  • Play strategically. Remember that you don’t want to use any of the letters that are already occupied.
  • Some words are simply impossible to win. Even though you’ve made the best possible moves, you may find yourself unable to complete your word. This happens because one of the letters used in your word isn’t contained within the grid. Don’t stress! Just enjoy the game and keep playing!

How to Play Words With Friends Online

The official website for the game offers several features including an online dictionary, strategy tips, game history, a leaderboard, etc. You can also visit their forums and participate in the chat room.

To play a game online, open the game’s website in your web browser and enter your username and password. Click on “Game” at the top of the page. From here, click on “Online Game” and join a waiting list. After you’ve waited long enough, you can access the game via the link in your email or download the app to your phone.

In order to play against others, you must register for an account.

Once you’ve registered, you can create your own profile and customize your nickname. Once you’ve successfully created your profile, you can start playing.

To play a game, you must select the color of your team from the drop down menu. Then, you must type out your word. Next, you can move around the grid in order to fill in each letter of your word. Finally, you can hit the “Submit” button to send your word to the other players. After all of the players have submitted their words, the game begins. Your goal is to eliminate all of your opponents’ letters first.