Face The Future Men Laser Hair Removal Is Here To Stay

Face The Future Men Laser Hair Removal Is Here To Stay

If you are preparing to go on a holiday to ease the winter blues, or simply want to be ready in advance for summer 2013, then treating yourself to a bit of a makeover often gets you in the holiday mood. Nowadays, treatments of salon quality are available to use in your own home.

Turn Technology to Your Advantage

If you wish to undertake a hair removal procedure, then try looking into the laser treatments currently available. Hair removal lasers provide a superior service to the typically chosen methods of waxing or shaving. This is partly due to the specific nature that is inherent to a laser treatment. The technique is extremely precise, with diode laser technology targeting and disabling the hair follicle in question. The laser does this through emitting light, which is then absorbed by the melonin in the hair. The hair is heated up, with this heat being transferred to the follicle and inhibiting hair re-growth in the near future. Whilst hairy backs and chests cannot be instantly eradicated forever, utilising laser hair removal techniques can reduce the rate at which the hair will grow back. The hair follicles that have undergone treatment are disabled, meaning that they are unable to grow a fresh hair. So if you are looking for a solution to rapid hair growth, then this could be the way to go.

Take the Time to Invest

This treatment may be revolutionary but it is set to become a tradition in your home beauty regime. Rather than simply being a passing fad, it is here to stay. Investing in laser hair removal treatments to use at home has the potential to not only save you a lot of money but a lot of time. You will not have to journey back and forth to the clinic, instead achieving the same excellent results from the comfort of your own home.

The treatment can be tweaked to fit in with what you want. For example, treatments that take between five and ten minutes include hands, feet, shoulders and underarms. Treatments taking between twenty and thirty minutes are the chest, legs and back. Investing in a laser hair removal device from Tria will provide you with these treatments and the subsequent results, as the laser is of salon quality. The laser automatically tests your skin tone, emitting beeps if it is suitable for your skin. Eight out of ten professionals chose lasers as the technology of choice for permanent reduction of hair re-growth and it is now possible to have such an exceptional standard of technology in your own home. Tria have conducted several studies to measure the success of the model, with findings showing that up to 70% less hair grew back after just two treatments. With this level of success, it looks set to be the hassle free way to stunt hair growth.

Home Comforts of a Professional Standard

It is these benefits that are helping push laser hair removal into a permanent position within the health and beauty sector. Purchasing a device to use at home means that there will no longer be the last minute hassle before you go away; you will always be summer ready. Not only will this mean that your skin looks brilliant and is free of any lumps and bumps, but you can flash the flesh on the beach with pride. Smooth skin will become a mainstay in your life. Furthermore, the laser hair removal device is cordless, adding an edge of practicality to the treatment. The devices have been clinically proven as safe by dermatologists, meaning that they combine professionalism and comfort; a tried and tested solution to be sought whilst at home.