Fred Perry Staying True To Tradition

Fred Perry Staying True To Tradition

Outlasting Temporary Rivals Since 1920

When you take a look at fashion and go back to the 1920s or earlier there is one name, one trend and one fashion that has outlasted all its rivals and for that you can only admire and take your hat off to the brand that is Fred Perry.

No matter where you look and no matter what your age you will, more than likely, see meet or hear someone talking about fashion and, if you look around, a Fred Perry classic polo shirt will never be to far away.

Ask your dad, ask your Granddad, ask your son, ask your grandson and, in some shape of form they will all have probably heard the name.

Look north to the sights and sounds coming out of Manchester, go south to Brentwood aka the home of “The Only Way Is Essex” and, low and behold, Fred Perry collars, jackets and shoes are out in abundance. And then you can look at the competitors they have seen come and go. Trends stretching through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s have all had their time and place flares, Farah trousers, chino’s, dog tooth jackets, desert boots and we haven’t even touched on the brands that have been around in that time, take a bow Fred. There’s perhaps only Barbour you have to contend with now, but I have a feeling you will more than hold your own.

Then we can also look into the world of sport and, not satisfied with cornering the market from a fashion angle, into the world of Tennis attire comes Sir Fred. Now this is a difficult market to get involved with, you have idols and icons but you look at Nike, Reebok and Fila and you have to ask how do you deal with the likes of these global brands being promoted by the likes of Federer and Nadal? Well, up until money and fame got hold of him Andy Murray travelled the world successfully backed by Fred Perry and boy did he proudly talk about the tradition, the brand and the company, quite an amazing achievement if you care to look into it in detail.

Yes brands will come and go and equally fashion trends will come in and go out, however there will always be things you can be certain about in life – and I have a feeling that Fred Perry and their fashion presence may just be one of them.