Here’s How Much Money You Can Save On Buying Wholesale CBD Oil Tinctures For Delta-8

Here’s How Much Money You Can Save On Buying Wholesale CBD Oil Tinctures For Delta-8

You must have scrolled through many posts showcasing the benefits of Delta-8 THC CBD oil tinctures. You may also have heard that this variant is quite expensive to purchase in the market. This may restrict you from even thinking of purchasing them. But we must tell you that even though the Delta-8 products cost more, there is a way to save money.

Yes, you’ve read that right as you can save money while purchasing the best-in-class CBD oil tinctures. You can purchase a large volume of the delta-8 THC from the vendors and save big time on your costs. The initial investment may look on the higher side but the returns are amazing.

Benefits of purchasing wholesale Delta-8 hemp

We all know that purchasing any product in bulk has better discounts from the suppliers. But what other benefits can you get if you order in bulk? Let us have a look at the benefits for a deeper understanding from a supplier/consumer point of view:

  • You get a better price

we have mentioned before as well that you will get a better price when you purchase CBD oil tinctures in bulk. Higher the order quantity, the better the discounts.

  • Available stock

Delta-8 products are legal products but it takes a while to produce them. So, if your vendor is supplying to say, 10 other suppliers, you may experience unavailability of the product for your consumers and also, a price hike due to high demand.

  • You get good profits and even sell at a lower price

Pricing is a major factor for the consumers. If your customer is price-sensitive, you can be sure that another supplier can sway your customer toward them by offering a lower price. If your customer is not that price-sensitive, you can sell the products at a better margin.

While there are several advantages, the only disadvantage of purchasing in bulk is that your investment is high. And the cost of maintaining the inventory can become a problem. But hey, if you can optimize your bulk purchase and you know your customers, you can turn these issues into opportunities.

How much money can you save?

There is no empirical formula as to how much money one can save on the bulk purchase of these CBD oil tinctures. Rather it entirely depends upon the market demand, vendor pricing, supply chain, and other factors.

So, upon advanced research, we have jotted down the average value of the Delta-8 flower. The stuff has a market price of $100 for an ounce, approximately. This is a standard price with no bulk purchase. This makes up to around $6.67 per gram of the delta-8 product. Now, let us look at the advantage of bulk purchases.

Now, if you purchase a bulk quantity of the Delta-8 product from the same vendor, you may enjoy CBD oil tinctures at $3.5 per gram saving up to roughly about 48%. Now, this is a standard vendor cost-saving. But many other vendors can provide better rates for wholesale purchases. Upon further research, we found that the cost may also come down to $2 per gram which is a huge price reduction.