How To Care For And Style Your Feather Hair Extension

How To Care For And Style Your Feather Hair Extension

Feather hair extensions are a great way to add a splash of colour to your hair without the damage of having to bleach it. There are a number of different styles and colours available and they are a simple way of making any style way more interesting. Like standard hair extensions, the feather variety come in various forms, some are temporary whilst others are more permanent.

In order to keep your feather extensions looking good for as long as possible it is important to look after them. They should always be handled carefully and if you expose them to water or get them tangled you will shorten their life considerably.

How to wash your feather extension

If your extensions are bonded with your hair then you will need to wash them when they begin to look dirty or oily. The feathers are like skin and require a certain amount of moisture to remain healthy looking. Avoid harsh shampoos as they will try out your feathers and shorten their life span. Instead, you should use a gentle shampoo and follow up with plenty of conditioner. The conditioner will replace the natural moisture to the feather ensuring a sleek and smooth look.

How to handle and style your feather extension

Always handle with care. By being too rough you will end up with a frizzy extension that won’t last long. When washing the extension you should run your hands down the feather – never ever scrub them!

If your extension is a temporary clip on then you should remove them and lay them flat on a towel to dry. If they are bonded to your hair then gently dry them on a downward direction. Most permanent extensions can be styled, flat ironed and dried but be aware that excessive styling can cause permanent damage or worst case breakage. If your extension is made of real feather you can still curl them as you would your own hair. Carefully wrap it around the curling iron and style as you would your own hair – be careful not to leave it on the iron for too long or you will damage the extension.

How to Store your extensions

If your extensions are of the clip in variety you should store them safely when not wearing them. Never place them in a drawer or make up bag. The ideal way to store them is to clip them somewhere safe where they can hang and not be damaged.