How To Clean And Maintain Entrance To Your House Or Shop

How To Clean And Maintain Entrance To Your House Or Shop

Sometimes, people think that cleaning the inside of the house or workplace is enough, that cleaning entrances is not as it is not a part of the ‘inside’. However, there are many reasons why you might want to clean your entrance. You may be planning an event or just a cleaning day for the whole house, but if you have a messy entrance then it can look terrible and give people a bad first impression. If this is what you may need help with then read on to find out how to clean entrances of home. 

The Entrance 

Your entrance is usually at the front door where guests or potential customers and clients will come in from the street. This means that it is exposed to lots of dust particles, dirt and even potential rainwater damage. It is important to keep an entrance clear so that it doesn’t look untidy. 

The best way to do this is to use a pressure washer to wash off any excess mud and grime from the outside wall. Once you’ve done that, you should wipe down the walls using a cloth dipped in warm water and some detergent. 

Once you’ve cleaned all four sides of your entrance, you can go around the rest of the house and do the same there too. As long as you have time, you can also get other areas like hallways, staircases and landing areas looking good again. 

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you could use a hose to spray the mud and dirt off the entrance instead. Then put on gloves to protect your hands and make sure you wear some goggles to protect your eyes. 

Cleaning Your Entrance 

When you’re finished, you’ll have a nice clean entrance to welcome guests into your home. Now you need to make sure it is not going to become dirty again or even if it does, then the entrance at least stays clean for longer. To do this, you need to make sure you seal off the entrance properly. 

You can do this by putting up some curtains, or by simply closing off the doorway completely. It is better to use curtains though because they won’t let any dust or dirt through them. 

Once you’ve got the entrance sealed off, you can start getting your house back to normal. You can wash the entrance once every week with regular soap and water using a sponge and a mop. 

It’s a good idea to vacuum underneath the carpet regularly because this is likely to trap dust and dirt. When you vacuum, make sure you don’t use any attachments that will scratch the floor, such as a crevice brush. Instead, use a standard vacuum cleaner, which should be able to reach everything without leaving any dirt marks or prints.

If you have carpet under the carpet, you can still clean it by vacuuming with a steam mop. This is a special mop that contains a vaporizer system which allows you to use hot water vapour to remove stains and dirt. 

This is particularly useful when cleaning carpets made from wool because these are often prone to becoming stained or damaged. Just make sure you follow the instructions and only use a steam mop if recommended by the manufacturer. 

Finally, you should check the door handles and locks before letting anyone inside. Make sure that everything is working correctly and that the door isn’t broken. If anything seems wrong, call somebody professional to fix it. 

Clean Entrances of Home 

Now that you’ve cleared away any mess, you can enjoy having a tidy entrance again! This will mean that your guests feel welcome and you won’t have to worry about them being embarrassed by the state of your entrance. 

Of course, you shouldn’t forget to clean up after yourself. If you’ve been busy in the kitchen, then take care of those dishes and cutlery. Keep the floors covered in case someone spills food or drink and clean up the mess immediately. 

Don’t forget to clean up after any pets either. They can leave their mark on your entrance, making it look worse than ever. Even if you’re not planning on inviting visitors over, you still need to clean up after them. 

Make sure you use a broom to sweep the floor and a mop to clean up any spills. If you have a pet hamster, then you can use a litter box to dispose of its waste. Finally, remember to change the sheets or blankets in bed. 

If you want to keep things looking fresh, you could replace the curtains along with the paintwork. If you choose to repaint, make sure you use quality paint. This will last longer than cheaper paints and it will match well with the rest of the house. 

As soon as you’ve finished, close the door behind you and enjoy your new entrance. It’s worth taking a few minutes to appreciate what you’ve achieved. 

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