How To Complete Fortnite Reboot Rally Quests And Unlock Free Rewards

How To Complete Fortnite Reboot Rally Quests And Unlock Free Rewards

Fortnite account shop is the perfect destination for all the gamers out there who are looking to complete their reboot rally quests and enjoy some amazing rewards. As we all know, each season of Fortnite brings a new set of challenges for players to complete in order to progress further in the game. The Reboot Rally is one such challenge that requires players to have an accurate understanding of the various objectives involved in completing it. This article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding how you can complete your Reboot Rally Quests quickly and efficiently while also receiving some great rewards along the way.

What is the Reboot Rally Quest?

The Reboot Rally quest is part of Fortnite’s Battle Pass system, which allows players to earn extra experience points (XP) by completing certain tasks associated with it. The quest involves collecting a certain number of reboots from downed teammates, resurrecting those teammates to get more reboots, and then using those reboots at specific locations on the map. Completing this quest will reward you with special cosmetic items as well as XP that can be used to unlock higher levels within the Battle Pass system.

Understanding the completion requirements

In order for a player to successfully complete this quest, there are several requirements that need to be met: firstly, they need to collect 50 restarts from downed teammates; secondly, they need to revive 4 teammates; thirdly, they need to use these collected restarts at different locations on the map; finally, they need to return to where they started after completing each objective. All of these steps must be completed correctly in order for a player’s efforts in completing this quest to be worthwhile.

Collect resurrections from teammates

The first step in completing this quest is to collect a total of 50 restarts from downed teammates. You can do this by going through their loot boxes or simply asking them if they have any for you to take (this usually works better if you are playing with friends). Once you’ve collected the required 50 resurrections, move on to step two: resurrecting four fallen teammates.

Reviving fallen teammates

Once you’ve collected enough reboots from your teammates, it’s time to focus on resurrecting four more fallen allies. Thankfully, thanks in part to the Fortnite Account Shop, ensuring that each teammate has multiple revival items makes this particular task short, and should only take around 10-15 minutes, depending on how quickly you can locate them on the map and revive them accordingly.

Using your collected resurrections to unlock rewards

Once you’ve revived your four teammates, it’s time to move on to step three: using your collected reboot tokens at various locations around the map, which will unlock special rewards upon completion. Depending on the type of location you choose, these rewards can range from XP boosts, special cosmetics or even weapon skins – giving players plenty of freedom to choose where best to send their hard-earned tokens for maximum overall benefit.

Return to the starting point and claim your reward!

After using all 50 restart tokens in various locations, it is time to return to the starting point – returning to the exact spot where you started before starting the journey all over again. Upon doing so, the final prize will automatically be rewarded ranging everything mentioned before – granting access to great variety of benefits depending on personal choices made throughout the process.


Completing Reboot Rally quests is certainly not a walk in the park, but fortunately with right strategy preparation users will be able to conquer entire practice relatively quickly – granting access to wealth benefits enjoyed games fullest extent!