How To Wear Flat Shoes With Style

How To Wear Flat Shoes With Style

A quick guide to the most fabulous flat shoe designs for women, proving you do not always need skyscraper heels to make an impact.


These shoes are a bold choice, with a masculine design that give a preppy and styled finish to almost any look. There is an effortlessly chic quality to them, best worn with ankle baring trousers, or as a masculine touch to a feminine dress.


Originally made of animal skin, with a soft sole, these are not particularly sturdy shoes so are best worn on a dry day on soft ground. The look is of a soft suede upper and delicate finishing details such as tassels, beads or coloured stitching. They have a very Native American feel about them, as that is where they originate.


Well made loafers are a smart addition to any look; neutral colours will go with almost any wardrobe piece so they would be worth the investment. They are the same basic shape as moccasins but made of more durable materials, they come with a tassel or metal front detail. Originally called the Bas Weejun, the ‘penny loafer’ got its name in the 1950’s when wearers would insert a penny into the front pocket detail. The ultimate design in this style is the much coveted Gucci loafer.

Boat Shoes (also known as Deck Shoes)

The nautical styling of these shoes means they will look chic every summer. They are smart in appearance and with many designers adopting the colour blocking trend, they can be dressed up or down.


Originally created by Spanish farmers, they were adopted by the Riviera set in 1990’s. As with the boat shoes, the espadrilles’ nautical and relaxed look is embraced every year by designers. They have a canvas upper in a wide range of colours and patterns, while the sole is made of a mixture of rubber and rope. It is the rope design that makes the espadrille so distinctive.

Ballet Pumps

As the name suggest, this design is lightweight, in a range of materials and colours that is very delicate and feminine. While the ballet pump itself, arguably, goes in and out of fashion, the Chanel two tone effect pumps in a wide range of contrasting textures and colours are always coveted. The ballet pump is undoubtedly one of the more popular flat shoes for women today.