PRP Kit: You Deserve Only The Best

PRP Kit: You Deserve Only The Best

Platelet Rich Plasma is a blood sample that is rich in plasma than other samples. PRP treatment is becoming popular worldwide and it is used in the sports industry majorly.  

PRP is focused mainly on only one type of cell, i.e., platelets. Along with plasma, platelets also consist of several factors that contribute to the healing process. PRP therapy takes via an injection. Once injected, the patient is advised to not exercise for a particular amount of time. 

Is PRP an effective therapy?

  • The ultimate reason behind PRP therapy is the fast-paced healing of soft tissues and bones. 
  • As a result of widespread research done on animals, it has been proved that PRP therapy can be employed for a vast range of conditions, i.e., from ligament injuries to acute tendon issues.
  • Despite having very little factual support of PRP in major clinical studies, it is proved effective for osteoarthritis (knee) and MCL injuries (knee).
  • It is also worth mentioning that, since the blood sample is of the patient’s own, PRP is a low-risk therapy.

How is PRP created?

  • Firstly, the blood sample is collected from a patient and it is stored along with a blood thinner/anticoagulant such as warfarin or sodium citrate.
  • Then, the blood sample goes through a centrifugation process. This process separates the blood components from each other.
  • As a result of this process, the blood would be stratified into three layers; the bottom, middle and topmost layer.

What should the Best PRP Kit consist of?

The best PRP kit would majorly include these:

  • Blood collection vials/tubes: For the righteous preparation of PRP, it is crucial to store the collected blood sample in the right kind of vial/tube.
  • Needles: It is a significant piece in a PRP kit, as it ensures that the right amount of blood is collected for the therapy. Injection needles, mesotherapy and transfer needles are all the major ones. But that does not mean the other types of needles are not important. They are essential as well.
  • Syringes: They play a vital role in PRP therapy. They contain the blood during its transfer from the patient to the device. They are also significant for PRP injection. Proper syringes can make a difference in injecting the area that requires the treatment.
  • Lastly, although a centrifuge is an essential part of PRP therapy, it may or may not be a part of a PRP kit. The centrifuge device can be obtained from a PRP-focused lab. But it mainly depends on the patient’s condition, type of PRP therapy, and the kit’s brand.

What should you keep in mind whilst buying a PRP kit?

  • It should be an easily manageable kit. You would not want to waste time when it comes to PRP preparation. Efficiency is key. Having a proper kit will only ensure the smooth application of all the processes, i.e., extraction, centrifugation and activation.
  • An ideal PRP kit would consist of a device that constantly provides you with higher levels of platelet concentration. The best way to put it is that you should look for a kit with dim levels of RBC count.
  • PRP therapy can be successful only if the process is done with purity and without any bacterial contamination. Hence, you must look for closed system kits that consist of sealed vials and tubes.

One needs to understand that wanting a speedy recovery is not wrong. And for that, you deserve only the best PRP kits. Therefore, research well before buying a PRP kit. Being aware might simply speed up your healing. So, choose wisely and heal quickly!