Roblox 101: All the Buzz You Need To Know About this Game-Creation Platform

Roblox 101: All the Buzz You Need To Know About this Game-Creation Platform

Gone are the days where we needed to rely on the physical presence of people to talk, have fun, or even play games with. This generation has technologically upgraded to such a vast extent that a decade ago if someone were told that the future would allow people to connect with others and make and play games through something called a virtual world, they’d laugh. Well, jokes on them because here we are today with crazy innovations that make such stuff possible. One such invention is that of an online platform named Roblox.

Roblox – The new buzz everyone is talking about

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform where people usually play various games online. But wait a minute, this isn’t any ordinary game or a platform; what sets it apart from other gaming platforms is that Roblox enables you to create your own games and even play with games made by other users. So, the games available on this platform are not precisely developed by Roblox Corporation but are done so by its users. You can find many Roblox tutorials to learn how to do so. 

The best part about Roblox is that anyone, even kids themselves, can make money through this platform. You can even go on to gain as much as a million by monetizing your games. Roblox games are all free to play. However, getting a few aesthetic items will need you to purchase them. Such purchases and transactions can be made using a virtual currency called Robux. Once a Roblox developer earns enough of this Robux, they can use a software called the Developer Exchange to convert this Robux into real money. 

How to make games on Roblox?

We have all played various games online, but now you get to make your own too! For this, 

  1. You will need to first familiarize yourself with the Roblox studio by launching it either through or by downloading it on your PC.
  2. Click All Templates and select your game style, such as a line runner, which is a side-scrolling game style.
  3. Find and open the selected template.
  4. Click on the play icon or press the F5 key to start the game
  5. Your avatar appears on the screen, and you can keep playing and collecting coins

Now, these are the fundamental steps you need to know before you go on to create your own game. Once you understand these steps, you can refer to many Roblox tutorials online that teach you to create your own Roblox game from scratch, as a single article cannot summarise such a vast topic. 


Roblox is a fantastic platform letting you unleash your creative imagination out there into games and also make money out of it. It helps you understand how a game is created, rather than just playing it, which is an outstanding experience and exposure for kids to know. So go ahead and explore this vast imaginative world of Roblox and enjoy gaming on another level!