The Secret Of Successful Relationships – Evaluate the secrets

The Secret Of Successful Relationships – Evaluate the secrets

Ah. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. The crème de la crème; the secret sauce. The secret mix that breeds happy relationships and even happier children. Have you ever watched the perfect family stroll by as you ignore your partner over something nonsensical? Hah. I have too. I yearned to be like them. Yearned for the secret of successful relationships; longed for it as I grew older and the unhappier I became, lonely, or unhappy.

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Truth is, when I finally learned how to make and enjoy happy and successful relationships it couldn’t have been more simpler. All this time the truth was staring me in the eye. And it came through being around happy and empowering people. Communication, openness and the ability to express yourself. That’s all. Seriously. There’s no need to be a diamond in bed (although it helps), or a super good looker, or know all the tricks to make women want you. Hell you don’t even need a fat wad of cash. If you know how to communicate and are constantly open with the people you love then you won’t need anything.

Dating Gurus

Now you’re probably questioning yourself why all these dating guru’s and pick up artists don’t tell you this. There’s always a “secret way to bypass her bitchface filter” or “get laid every day, forever” and yes, they do work but what about when you’ve found someone that you truly want to settle down with? What then? Because then you have to start sharing the same space. Start talking. And don’t think for a second she’s not going to try and prowl the deepest darkest areas of your mind. Because she will. This is what being close is. Guru’s wont tell you that stuff because they need you to come back for more. They don’t bank on you actually having a forever win.

How does one express themselves and be open you ask? Well it’s a lot easier yet harder than you think. It stems from a belief deep down of feeling that you are a good person. You’re good. You want to do good and make good choices in your life. Then, ultimately you are a good person. The more you believe in YOU the easier it can be to admit your faults and mistakes to yourself and other people. And from there blossoms a beautiful cycle of positive accountability, trust and truth.

Not Easy!

I do make it sound easy but actually you won’t believe the sheer amount of people that actually feel they are bad people, or that generally they dislike themselves. Let me give you an example. If you dislike yourself then you are less likely to trust in yourself. Secrecy, lies, deception and a ton of other negative stuff can surface from this type of attitude. Disliking yourself can lead to self-doubt, negativity, not realising your potential or worth. In my opinion everyone everywhere has the ability to shine like Hyper-star R136a1 (2 Million times brighter than our Sun!)

Can you be more open? It all starts with yourself. Try telling yourself that you are a good person. You want good things to happen to others and yourself. You want to make good decisions from now on and that what you’ve done in the past were learning curves. Hell, you’ll mess up now and again but that’s life. We all do. As long as we don’t keep repeating those same mistakes.

Better world to live in

Why am I telling you all this? Well if we all had the ability to express our thoughts and feelings to each other the world would be a far better place. We would build successful friendships and long lasting intimate-relationships. Because wouldn’t it be great that if we wanted our partners to do more of x, or less of y, we could discuss it with them in a healthy, grown up and constructive manner? We would evolve more. We would also be able to weed out the partners that just weren’t for us rather than being constantly unhappy.

Be truthful to yourself. It all starts from here my friend. When you stop trying to convince yourself that you’re something you’re not, positive or negative. You’ll be able to see yourself for what you are and work with the cards that have been played to you.