Top Tips To Get The Most Use Out Of Your VPN

Top Tips To Get The Most Use Out Of Your VPN

Congratulations, you just purchased a VPN connection and now your internet data is protected, and you can finally experience true anonymity on the internet. This article will list some of the ways in which you can get the most usage and benefit out of your VPN subscription. Follow the tips below to make sure that your Surfshark VPN subscription would be used to its full extent. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Watch live sports for cheaper rates

When you’re a fan of various sports, you’re probably aware that attending live events may rapidly become prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, with a VPN service and some investigation, you can save a lot of money – and maybe even discover a free or cheap pay-per-view game. 

This is because some sports games are broadcasted for free in certain regions but are not available for free in other regions. It is possible to discover inexpensive or even free methods to watch events like the NBA, FIFA, Super Bowl, Euros, and even the Olympics in recent years using a VPN, so if a major event is coming up, it’s definitely worth looking out worldwide broadcasting possibilities for a better price. All you have to do is establish a connection to a server located in those countries or regions with cheaper or free sports broadcasts, and get started on your watching spree.

  1. Enhance your online gaming experience 

When people discuss VPNs, the online gaming experience would always come up one way or another. It would always be discussed how every VPN, with the exception of the greatest or a more expensive one, will eventually slow down your network connection to a crawl, which is not ideal for online games, especially competitive PVP games or esports titles. With that said, this is not always the case. 

Your ISP can restrict your account, which means it may deliberately slow down your connection when it identifies specific types of activity — typically those that consume a lot of your broadband connection. The primary candidates for internet throttling are online gamers, and although the same thing may happen while downloading files or watching live videos, a poor connection is not usually a big deal in such scenarios. 

The worse case that would happen is that your video or file would buffer or slow down with their download. With online games, however, the stakes are much higher. Even just a millisecond of lag due to throttling can throw you off your game, and in games like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and other esports titles, it can cause you to be killed and will increase the chances of you losing your game. Losing and winning is more important in esports titles, especially if you are playing in a tournament with real life stakes. As such, using a VPN that is optimized for gaming is sometimes a necessity when playing games to avoid getting lag. A VPN can ensure your connection remains consistent and predictable, allowing you to extend your undefeated streak.