Various Kinds of Terminals And Parking Facilities At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Various Kinds of Terminals And Parking Facilities At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Terminals are an essential place in any airport. Fort Lauderdale is an airport that is known to have four terminals. Every terminal on its own has two-level- the first level is to claim the baggage and for the arrival. On the other hand, level 2 is for the passengers’ departure and check-in.

In general, every terminal in the airport is known to have a specified color that will work as identification for that terminal. If a passenger wants to gather more detail regarding the various terminals, he can get the FLL terminal map and get the details. Now we will discuss in detail the various terminals available in the airports:

  • Terminal 1

This is the terminal in the airport that is also called the new terminal. Terminal 1 generally has the 3 concourses A, B, C. in general, the flights for Alaska and the allegiant, silver, and united are known to depart from concourse C. on the other hand, and from concourse A the departure to the Bahamasair and the Copa takes place.

If we talk about the departure to the southwest region, it takes place from concourses A and B. 23 gates are available for terminal 1. The yellow color has been assigned to terminal 1 to identify it.

  • Terminal 2

This terminal is known to have just a single concourse D. This is the terminal that is mainly famous for the flights that depart for the air Canada and the delta. The color that has been allotted to this terminal is red. This is the terminal that generally has nine gates.

  • Terminal 3

Terminal 3 generally has four gates and is known to be purple. Concourses E and F are located at this terminal. The flights for the American airlines, Azul, JetBlue, and the Sunwing, depart from the concourse E.

  • Terminal 4

Generally, the departure of the international flights takes place from this terminal. The color allotted to this terminal is green to be disguised with the other available terminals.

These are the various terminals that are available at this airport. People generally cannot travel on foot from one terminal to another, as they are at some distance. To make traveling of the passenger easy between the terminals, the customers have the shuttle option.

This is the kind of service that is in operation from 6 am to 9 pm daily; in general, it is believed that the shuttle service is known for the passengers at the economy class to the rental car parking. However, even this is the airport that is known to provide the passengers with the parking facility to their home place.

Fort Lauderdale airport address

This is the airport that is mainly located in Broward country, Florida. So if a person wants to get theĀ Fort Lauderdale airport address, they can visit the official site and get the complete details. Even the official map is available on the official site so that the customers can feel comfortable.

This is the airport known to be 3 miles to the southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale and 21 miles to the north of Miami. Due to the kind of facility that this airport provides to the users, this is considered to have many passengers on average.

Airport parking detail

Parking plays the most crucial role in any kind of airport so that the passenger does not face difficulty. This is the airport that is known to have the best parking ever. This airport has received the national parking association innovation award because it provides a sight parking facility to the users.

  1. The customers can even download the application to go through the availability of the parking space.
  2. The customers can quickly locate the location of their car
  3. The customers get the option of both long and short-term parking facilities at this type of airport.

This kind of parking facility makes parking easier for visitors to feel safe regarding their vehicle. Even if they are leaving their vehicle for an extended period, they can feel secure. However, they will have to pay the sum of money that has been fixed.