What are Gravity Bongs vs. Traditional Bongs: Which is better for you?

What are Gravity Bongs vs. Traditional Bongs: Which is better for you?

Gravity bongs and traditional bongs have been around for decades, but the question remains—which one is better for you? Both types of bong offer great filtration, large clouds, and an intense hit. However, there are some differences between gravity bongs and traditional bongs that make each type unique. To help you determine which one will best suit your needs, we’ve compiled a comparison guide to gravity bongs vs. traditional bongs so that you can decide which one is right for you.

What Are Gravity Bongs?

Gravity bongs are smoking devices that use water and air pressure to create a powerful smoke effect. The smoke passes through the water chamber at high speeds resulting in larger clouds than what can be achieved with a regular bowl pipe or joint. Gravity bongs come in many forms including bucket-style, waterfall-style, and even homemade versions made from everyday items found around the house such as 2-liter bottles or buckets filled with water. gravity bongs at Dopeboo carries a wide range of high-quality gravity bongs including our signature collection of glass gravity bong pieces available in various sizes and styles to ensure maximum efficiency when taking hits.

What Are Traditional Bongs?

Traditional bongs usually consist of two parts—a bowl piece attached to a stem connected to a base filled with water. These types of smoking devices rely on airflow created by drawing on the mouthpiece to pull smoke through the bowl piece into the main chamber where it is cooled down by passing through the water before reaching your lungs. Traditional designs also feature diffuser slits or percolators which further enhance smoke filtration while cooling down your draws significantly – making these devices ideal for those who prefer smoother hits without sacrificing flavor intensity or potency levels found in other methods like joints or pipes.

 How Do They Compare?

When comparing gravity bong vs traditional bong it really comes down to personal preference as both provide their own unique benefits depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for when smoking flower or concentrates (dabbing). While both offer excellent filtration capabilities as well as decent smoke production, here’s how they differ:

  • Smoke Production –

Gravity Bong has larger clouds than traditional because it forces more oxygen into the mix via air pressure compared to regular draw from a bowl piece/pipe; this makes them perfect if you’re looking to impress friends with massive hits! On the flip side though they do require more effort due to having an airtight seal setup versus just simply lighting up a bowl piece/pipe & inhaling normally like most smokers would do with conventional methods; this means less time actually enjoying your herb/concentrate since it takes longer set up plus clean up afterwards (for those using DIY versions).

  • Flavor Intensity & Potency –

Traditional water pipes cool down draws significantly compared to their non-water counterparts including joints & blunts meaning thicker rips with richer flavor notes plus higher potency levels overall; however due to amount strain put on lungs during heavy hitting sessions from pulling hard enough produce desired effect may not always be ideal option depending individual’s lung capacity & tolerance limits so keep that mind if going route!

  • Cost –

This category depends mostly upon quality materials used construct either device as well size desired but generally speaking both tend be fairly affordable options regardless budget constraints thanks availability mass produced models such glass pieces manufactured overseas China etc…

  • Portability –

Since majority components contained within single unit (excluding DIY) makes them easy transport small spaces like backpacks pockets etc… making great choice travelers picnics outdoor activities alike!.


The answer as to which type of smoking device—gravity vs traditional—is best ultimately depends on personal preference and lifestyle choices. If you’re looking for intense flavors accompanied by huge clouds then go with a gravity bong whereas if smooth hits minus any harshness is preferred then opt for traditional design instead. Ultimately though whatever decision made make sure purchase quality product from reliable source such Dopeboo order ensure optimal performance life span all kinds different varieties offered today!.