Why Machine Embroidery Considered Better Option Than Hand Embroidery?

Why Machine Embroidery Considered Better Option Than Hand Embroidery?

Are you planning to give any personalized return gift on the occasion of the 25 marriage anniversary? Do you wish to give any embroidery gift to the employees on the occasion of the company’s anniversary? There can even be other reasons to get the personalized gift in quantity.

When you are planning to get the embroidery in bulk, then, in that case, machine embroidery will be a better option. But, as in the case of handmade gifts, chances of errors always exist. Not only are these, but there are even some other benefits also that make machine embroidery a better option for people.

Uniformity in the design

  • As in the case of handmade embroidery, the work is completed by the workers, so the chances of errors are more. Some differences will be seen between the two pieces.
  • While in the case of machine embroidery, the person can get the bulk amount of the products made with uniformity. This will provide the customers with the exact image they have asked for.

Less time consuming

  • Another reason most people have shifted to machine embroidery is time-consuming. As the labor work is not involved, the work is completed in less time than the handwork.
  • The person can get the products in bulk in less time and with complete accuracy in machine embroidery.


  • The main thing that a person thinks of is the cost of the product while purchasing. As in the case of handmade products, efforts, time, and labor skills are involved, so the cost is more compared to the products made with both machines.
  • Another benefit is that in case the bulk order is there, then even further negotiation can be done in the case of the machine embroidery.

Error-free designs

  • In the handmade embroidery, some of the issues like the mismatch of the color are noticed. Whether the workers are experts or not, some error occurs in the embroidery.
  • In digitizing embroidery, the machine is given the complete details and work format. So the designs that are formed are 100% error-free. Moreover, the machines use a high class of software that helps to generate an accurate output.

Higher rate of the productivity

  • The production level is another reason for the shift of people to machine embroidery from handmade embroidery. Even the complexity of the design does not affect productivity, as the work is of the machine.
  • The only thing the person will have to make sure it is to select the quality of the design fabric and the machine.

No limitation on the design

  • The most significant limitation of hand embroidery is that the experts will only have this specific design.¬†
  • On the other hand, in the case of machine embroidery, the person will have unlimited choices available. Moreover, as there is no foundation of the skill on the machine, they can copy all kinds of designs.
  • If the software is used for the latest trend, a machine can quickly produce the asked designs.

Instant changes can be made

  • As hand embroidery is entirely labor work, it is impossible to make the changes once the design has been made.
  • But in the machine embroidery, the required changes can be done as per the requirement before the printing.

Machine embroidery is an easy process

  • In general, the procedure of hand embroidery is tough and the time taking. In this, the person will first have to trace the design on the piece of paper with the help of hands. Then, with carbon paper, tracing of the design on the various garments is done.
  • This will result in various kinds of variations in the designs. If the same design is demanded in the future, the same hard work needs to be done.
  • This is not the case with machine embroidery; a skilled person creates the design with the help of the software. As the machine plays a crucial role, the chances of errors are minor. Even as this is based on technology, the design remains saved for a more extended period.

These are the various reasons responsible for the popularity of machine embroidery. The only thing the person has to keep in mind is to select embroidery digitizing software free.